Rules & Policies

General Rules

Each regular season match consists of two equal halves of 24 minutes.

A two-minute half-time period will occur between halves.

Eastern Premier Futsal League follows the FIFA Futsal Laws of the game 

I. discipline

A player hown two red cards  or a coach dismissed twice during a  session is suspended for the remainder of the season, including  friendlies and playoffs and may be required to meet with the league's  disciplinary board.

A player or a coach who is dismissed from a game due to a violent conduct will be suspended for three matches.

A  red card suspension or dismissal pertains to all teams/rosters. A  suspended player or coach may not enter a league facility on the  suspended date.

The suspended person is not permitted to be present at the site of a match or areas immediately adjacent.

A game will be stopped by officials/league admin or facility admin when the parents/spectators  displaying inappropriate or disruptive behavior interfere with other  parents/spectators or the game. The admin/official will identify  violators to the coaches for the purpose of removing parents/spectators  from the parents’/spectators’ viewing and game area. Once removed, play  will resume

II. forfeits & no-shows

If your team is unable to field a team and notifies us at least 48 hours in advance, the team loses by forfeit (3-0 loss).

If  your team forfeits without minimum 48-hour notice (no-show), the team  loses by no-show forfeit (3-0 loss and -3 league pts) and is subject to  paying a $75 fine. The fine must be paid by the following Thursday at 8  am or the subsequent and potentially all remaining matches will be  forfeited.

III. guests & borrowed players

No guest players are allowed. Only players on the team roster are eligible to play.

Sibling  teams may swing up to three players per game, provided the number of  active players does not exceed 14. The sibling players must be on the  sibling roster. Sibling teams may not swing players  during the postseason.

Violation of any of the above regulations will result in forfeiture of applicable games.

IV. protests

No protests are allowed. All decisions by referees, league directors and tournament directors are final.

V. Weather

In the event that inclement weather causes cancellation of games, every  effort will be made to make up the games. However, there are no  guarantees and no refunds will be issued.

Generally speaking, a  couple inches and games are on as scheduled. More than 2-3 inches and  there will likely be an adjusted schedule (delayed start/early closure)  or complete postponement/cancellation. Facility closure decisions are at  the discretion of the facility.